Behind Google’s “Facebook Killer”

Strong Vs Weak Ties Within Multiple Groups

If you're serious about Social Networks / Social Media do yourself a favor and go through this entire presentation from Paul Adams at Google. View in full screen by clicking "full" in the SlideShare tool bar.

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Given that I work in social media, I think I've had to take my time to segment out what each main social network means to a specific group. I keep Twitter as a business-focused info share, Facebook as a social-only, LinkedIn for business networking, and my personal blog for additional thoughts. I am acutely aware, though, that any client can find me on any of those, and that thought filters everything that I do.
Great presentation overall. I love that Google is doing primary research, internationally, on this topic, and appreciate the distinctions in key networks.
I'm only about 15% the way through this deck, but I can see it's already a fantastic presentation. I've often struggled to keep specific groups of people in my real life disseparate in the digital world, but with the current tools it's almost impossible (short of setting up separate online identities for each group of people you interact with).

I'll keep reading through this, as I'm always a fan of how Google can seemly challenge any entrenched technology...and seeing them take on Facebook is a pay-per-view worthy fight.

this slideshow thing is bloody worthless - I'll never make it all the way through with the constant scrolling
@Ozzy I recommend using the arrow keys at the bottom of the window, or even better, watch it full screen and navigate with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
yeah, 216 clicks ain't so bad ;)