Jerry Seinfeld on Technology

"I love how the Postal Service has this financial, emotional meltdown every 3 - 5 years that their business model from 1630 isn't working any more. I can't understand how a 21st century information system based on licking, walking, and a random number of pennies is struggling to compete." :)

Walter White in Space

"After thousands of votes from Earth-folk like you, Walter White was nominated to be tvtag's first space ambassador. Over the course of his journey to space, Walt braved speeds of 95 mph, temperatures as low as -65F, and a maximum altitude of 85,000 feet. He soared to new heights, carrying along with him the hopes and dreams of TV watchers everywhere. Long live Heisenberg."

This Comedy Break Brought To You By Google Translation

Today is the Mayoral primary in New York City, and the robo-callers are out in full force. Here's the Google Voice translation of a voice mail left for me this afternoon >>

"Greenwich Village in SoHo neighbors. Tonight we have to go for Jennifer, Raj Kumar for City Council before the cold clothes and Jennifer stood firmly against this monsters and why you expansion into our neighborhood, which with the Justice the 20 years of construction traffic and no one. However, Margaret Chan support it, this terrible planned enchanted through to save Greenwich Village. We have boat for Jennifer, Raj Kumar tonight before 9pm with polls closed. She is our top negotiator, I guess this horrible extension. Now, I had in the future. Thank you."

Thanks for the comedy break Mr. Google :)